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Fancharacter by Shadowvampireninja Fancharacter :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 Homestuck Shipping Meme. by Shadowvampireninja Homestuck Shipping Meme. :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 England Mochi by Shadowvampireninja England Mochi :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 1 27 Italy Tomato by Shadowvampireninja Italy Tomato :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 Romano Tomato by Shadowvampireninja Romano Tomato :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 1 0 Evil Eye by Shadowvampireninja Evil Eye :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0
Akatsuki Everyday Life chapter 5
"I thought this was an Assasination organization." Akira said to Sasori. It was Monday, 1 week after Akira arrived at the Akatsuki,and she hasn't been on a single mission since, in fact, no one has.
"It is." Sasori replied, not looking up from his puppet. "We just haven't gotten any missions yet."
"Well, I'll fix that." Akira thought, quietly slipping out of their room.
"Pein I want a mission."
"I.Want.A.Mission." Akira said. She was standing in front of Peins' desk in his office.
"Okay, sit down." He said, pointing to the chair in front of him."Before you go on any missions,solo and none, you'll need a partner first." "No exceptions." He said as Akira opened her mouth. "And to decide your partner, you'll need to go on practice mission with them first. Since Sasori is your room mate, it is only natural that he will be one of the people you will take the practice mission with, who do you want to take the other one with?" pein asked, writing something on a piece
:iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 1 0
Light motvational poster by Shadowvampireninja Light motvational poster :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 Kitty from chapter 2 by Shadowvampireninja Kitty from chapter 2 :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 Creepy Mello by Shadowvampireninja Creepy Mello :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 2 Mello motivational by Shadowvampireninja Mello motivational :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 L motivational by Shadowvampireninja L motivational :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 Light DE-motivational poster by Shadowvampireninja Light DE-motivational poster :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 0 Near motivational poster by Shadowvampireninja Near motivational poster :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 0 1 L motivational poster. by Shadowvampireninja L motivational poster. :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 7 0 Untitled Drawing by Shadowvampireninja Untitled Drawing :iconshadowvampireninja:Shadowvampireninja 1 0
My devianations!! Alot of literature, barely any drawings, but, hey, I'm a better writer than drawer....


A Cecilos rundown 2 by Sour-Purple A Cecilos rundown 2 :iconsour-purple:Sour-Purple 622 28
Abridged Character Sheet
     - Book, Chapter
     General Characteristics
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine.)
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, etc.)
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.)
Theme Song: (What song best describes you character?)
     Personal Characteristics
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can alwa
:icondehydromon:dehydromon 1,717 48
Are You Awake?
Alice darling,
It's time to get up.
Wake up little sleepy head,
You fell asleep on my lap.
It's time for tea Alice,
I finished your lesson,
The book was read and closed,
While you were off in your dreams.
Was it lovely Alice?
So content in your sleep you were,
Barely a peep or snore from your lips,
Till those silly leaves fell on you.
Come along dear Alice,
There is no time for sleeping now,
Oh look over there sweet sister,
A little white rabbit it poking out of a hole!
Why do you grin so Alice,
Do you know that little hare?
On yes ask a silly question,
A raven is nothing like a writing desk.
Are you sure you're awake Alice,
Opened your eyes,
Stepped out of your dreams,
And into the living world?
Are you ever awake Alice?
:iconhidden-behind-a-book:Hidden-Behind-A-Book 28 21
Not That Girl
I’m not that girl,
The one you see sitting in the back,
Listening intently as the teacher rambles on.
I’m not that girl,
That is already done with homework,
Five minutes after getting the assignment.
I’m not that girl,
That flaunts her 100 on a test,
By letting the teacher compare everyone’s to hers.
I’m not that girl,
That has a perfect life,
And everything is going perfectly for her.
That’s not me.
I’m that girl,
That will smile at you to cheer you up then goes and hides,
In the bathroom so you don’t see my tears.
I’m that girl,
That tries hiding under her desk from embarrassment when her teacher comments,
On her high score she didn't even study for.
I’m that girl,
Finishing her homework while hoping,
The bell doesn’t ring for the class it’s due for to begin.
I’m that girl,
That’s mind is on anything else,
But the lesson on probability.
I’m that girl,
You’ll never get to know,
Cause you ju
:iconhidden-behind-a-book:Hidden-Behind-A-Book 498 319
Heart Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit by jackierabbit12 Heart Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit :iconjackierabbit12:jackierabbit12 4,530 264
Let's Enjoy a Fraction of June
Today, what do you want?
I want the crown, the throne, and the world in my hands.
I want the stars, the universe, and the faraway lands.
I want the galaxy, the sun, and a piece of the moon.
I want April, May, and a fraction of June-
Boy (annoyed, interrupts):
You may as well wish to be a commandant.
You didn't let me finish, fool.
I want us together to rule
the crown, the throne, and the world in our hands.
I want us together to share
the stars, the universe, and the faraway lands.
I want us together to own
the galaxy, the sun, and the piece of the moon.
I want us together to enjoy
April, May, and the fraction of June.
:iconserenitystars:SerenityStars 4 2
How to Annoy a Writer
Ask them what they’re writing about.
Tell them that their characters need more physical descriptions because apparently you’re too lazy to use your imagination.
Say that their writing reminds you of Twilight.
Tell them that their typing is distracting you from your T.V. watching.
Now turn on the T.V. REALLY loudly.
Call them an awful person for killing off one of their characters.
Whine about how you didn’t like the ending because “OMG how could you???”
Get mad at them for writing instead of doing something productive.
Rant about how much you hate your English teacher for forcing you to read.
Always use improper grammar and never punctuate your sentences.
Never. Use. Paragraphs.
Ask them, “What’s so great about writing, anyway?”
Then ask them why they want “to be” a writer, like that’s actually something you can achieve.
Call all writers antisocial, depressed, weirdos. Because, of course, all of them
:iconasterlia:Asterlia 192 311
breaking a writer's heart.
never break a writer’s heart
because your name
will forever belong to us.
you will sign it
into every broken bit
and one day, you’ll open a book
with yourself
next to the words
"let me tell you about the time
i was hurt."
never break a poet’s heart
because between the beat
of the stanzas,
you’ll hear that heartbeat,
hammering harder
proving you wrong
with every line.
never break a writer’s heart
because we will take the pain
and make it into something
you could never live down.
you could live with heart monitors,
that measured the damaged pulse,
doctors who told you,
“she's critical.”
but you can’t live with the bold strokes,
smooth as a flatline,
that accuse you of being
the best thing
that’s ever happened to them.
you can’t live with it;
our soulmate, now writing.
You, now replaced
by a pen.
never break anybody’s heart
because you’ll cut yourself
on the pieces of it.
and see, hearts heal.
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 1,781 506
Before I Can Become a Writer
Develop insomnia. Develop
problems with substance abuse,
nothing serious, but enough
that I can say “write drunk,
edit sober” and mean it.
Drink tea. Write about drinking
tea. Take up smoking, ignore
the thoughts about it being
a slower suicide. Write about
suicide. Don’t mean it.
Write about sunsets and
ink veins. Mean it.
Fall in love with someone
who will never love me back.
Lament. Write a million
crappy poems and two good
ones. Never show him.
Move on. Write a few more
bad poems. Fall in love with
someone perfect. Screw it up.
Fall in love with someone awful.
Call him perfect. Screw it up.
Cry. Cry for the inevitable,
the way my family never
loved me right, the way my
first kiss was regrettable
at best, the way my therapist
says my depression is a demon
taking over me. Cry for the
changeable, the way
I hate my body and my writing
and everything I live to be.
Use clichés. Live clichés,
breathe clichés, be
a cliché. Write a poem
about ho
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 329 179
To be a writer
You taste like decaying leaves
and October's bad habits-
when it’s halfway through February
that still haunts these bones.
I have allowed you to
claw your love
into my arms
and chant into my
uninterested ears
for much too long.
I wish I was one of those girls
who could say wild flowers
grow up through my nooks
and my crannies just to tear
through my skin, screaming.
I’m just that dead eyed deer
on the side of the road dreaming
of shoving a pen down my throat
and writing these verses inside out.
I am no scribe, prophet, or spell caster.
I know it.
My skin knows it.
My pen knows it too.
Years and years
from now
my mind will dwell
on the way your fingers
chain linked between my ribs
and shook my
vulnerable inside,
to be a writer
is to be a masochist,
and I refuse to get off
on the pain anymore.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 502 86
How to pretend that you are a writer.
Act like you're not
okay when you are and
that you are when you're
not. Run barefoot in
the snow. Stand out
in the rain for an hour
and think about anything
and everything you can.
Fall in love with
riddles and things that
aren't real and the
way some stars
shine. Cry when
you realize that life is
just one big sham and write
one hundred cliché poems
about it, and then write one
that you actually mean.
Use profanity. Be the
one fucking introvert
in a room full of
extroverts and scream
shit just for the fun of
it. Swallow every goddamn
metaphor you ever dreamed
of and write them down
with your own blood.
Eulogize your own
misery. Put a crown on
it and let it rule your
heart for six years before
you throw a coup d'etat
but just end up with
your head in a basket.
Ask yourself why
you feel so
empty and when
you forgot how to
laugh and where you
last left your smile and
who you even really are
anymore. Mean every word.
Don't cry at funerals. Cry
yourself to sleep every
other night for
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 409 123
WtNV Cecilos - Too fast..? by MidoriEyes WtNV Cecilos - Too fast..? :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 622 39 Kevedd - TK by MidoriEyes Kevedd - TK :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 68 4 INTERACTIVE KARKAT VANTAS by NamiOki INTERACTIVE KARKAT VANTAS :iconnamioki:NamiOki 2,429 540 Welcome to Amnesia by humon Welcome to Amnesia :iconhumon:humon 10,795 2,146
ALL OF MY FAVORITE DEVIANATIONS!!!!!!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO'S WORK IS HERE~!and don't laugh at them!!! Unless you want to go 'splody. *Akira and Deidara laugh crazily in the background.*


:iconxblackbutlerx: :iconmagicallynx: :iconultrahsshipper290: :iconyaoigirlnom: :iconwhitetigerseye: :iconnaninuggets: :iconsecretgermanylover: :icondaddybri09: :iconheartgirl14:


Anyone think I should keep going with the Akatsuki thing? I mean- I know I said I would re-write it, but I'm lazy, and school, and tumblr, and bllluuhh.

So, seriously, should I? I have the notebook and everything - I just want to fix Akira and a lot of the story...

 So, comment please on what you think! Thanks!


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Death note, Hetalia and Yaoi make the world go round~! I do alot of literature, but no pictures yet, my printer hates me...
I'm a Mello, Sebastian, Alois -best sociopath, next to Ciel, ever.- L, Matt, Near, Germany, Canada, Prussia, USA, UK, 2p US UK & Canada, Karkat, Eridan, Cecil and Deidara fan.
Ummmm always give Ryuk an apple when you see him, Poland is, like totally, cool, umm, what else.... OH! and , my friend MAKES ME SAY THIS, 2p Hetalia is not exactly like Dark Hetalia.
Which I agree with...
And Carlos's hair is beautiful and perfect and no don't touch it.
Bye, eh!


:iconmagicallynx: :icondeathloverfg: :iconultrahsshipper290: :iconyaoigirlnom: :iconmslela92: :iconstrictlyponies: :iconbella-swan-fan: :iconsecretgermanylover: :iconi-love-l-laweit: :icondaddybri09: :iconnearwhiterabbit: :iconakatsukimemberwoolfy: :icondahub: :iconsongstone: :iconnice-pants-dude: :iconheartgirl14: :iconi-stole-duh-cookies: :iconxotakux2002x: :iconhikariharuno: :iconxblackbutlerx:


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